Documentary Movie Recommendations

By Ann Nye —



WATCH the Netflix Movie Documentary Becoming about former First Lady Michelle Obama’s book tour after her 2018 memoir of the same title.  The selective biographical moments offer more than the book and you’ll SMILE or CRY especially when you hear from her older brother, Craig Robinson, and when you see a young black woman, meeting Michelle for the first time at a book signing, can hardly contain herself; and when you hear Michelle lament about our voters not coming out to vote in the mid-terms and 2016.


WATCH the FX and Hulu Movie Documentary AKA Jane Roe about how Norma McCorvey agreed to let two lawyers use her as a plaintiff in Roe vs Wade; how she never got an abortion in Texas; how she worked in an abortion clinic to support others in a position like herself; and, how she became the trophy for the Operation Rescue pro-life group.  This group not only had her stand against the pro-choice movement, but it’s heartbreaking when they made her rescind her relationship with her life partner Connie.  The movie also exposes the class blindness of the feminist movement.   You may find hope when you see Evangelical minister Rob Schenck’s transformation from a militant leader of the anti-abortion movement to a supporter of pro-choice in contrast to Operation Rescue Director Flip Benham’s exploitation of Norma McCorvey.


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