PV Democrats Board Election

At our May 17th meeting, we will vote to elect our Board of Directors for the 2020-2021 year, which officially begins in July.  The vote is usually conducted by a show of hands, however in our virtual environment, we will provide a means via Zoom for members to vote FOR or AGAINST the slate.  Per our bylaws, any registered Democrat who has been a member of our club at least since last February is eligible to vote.

Board Position 2019-20 Board 2020-21 Board
President Rascha Hall Kathy Bradford
1st Vice-President Kathy Bradford Connie Sullivan
2nd Vice-President Ann Nye Ann Nye
Recording Secretary Asha Shahed Asha Shahed
Corresponding Secretary Arline Korb Arline Korb
Treasurer Al Shadbourne Al Shadbourne
Parliamentarian Carol Moeller Carol Moeller
Membership Irene Silver Irene Silver
Publicity Nancie Silver Margaret Madonna
Newsletter Editor Tex Yamada Fraser Perkins
Webmaster Reggie Jue Reggie Jue
Hospitality** Nancie Silver Kathy Bradford

** The Hospitality board position was changed to a committee headed by Kathy Bradford. The members of the committee will be Lilli Tom, Nancie Silver, Maria Frusteri, and Marilyn Weiker.

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