Recommendations for Judicial Races from PV Dems Member Judge Tom Long

In general I believe district attorneys are over-represented, particularly among elected judges.  As a result, I tend to withhold support for DA candidates unless their opponents are markedly less qualified than they are.

It appears that the Democratic party is endorsing a slate made up entirely of DA candidates for 2020 despite equally qualified (and in some cases better qualified) alternatives being available.  If I were persuaded that some of these DAs were opposed to the current system they serve, I might feel differently.  But I think it is important to try to begin diversifying the bench in this regard.  Governor Brown did appoint many public defenders and Governor Newsom may do the same, but the diversity is still inadequate and is not improved by electing all DAs to the vacancies now available.  Here are my personal endorsements.

Office 42: Linda Sun. She is a Deputy State Attorney General.

Office 72: Robert Jacobs. He brings the diversity of an immigration and criminal defense practice to the bench.

Office 76: Emily Cole.  Her opponent is rated “not qualified” by the LACBA.

Office 80: Klint James McKay.  He is rated “well qualified” as opposed to the lower “qualified” ratings received by the other candidates.  He is currently an administrative law judge.

Office 97: Sherry Powell. Both Powell and her opponent Timothy Reuben would be excellent choices. I had originally endorsed Reuben.  I am sorry we cannot vote for both of them in this election.

Office 129: Ken Fuller.  All 3 candidates received equal ratings of “qualified” from the LACBA.  But the candidates other than Fuller do not appear to me to have the appropriate qualifications for the office. MacCarley sought to emphasize his background as a retired Army General as his primary qualification to be a judge.

Office 145: Adan Montalban.

Office 150: Tom Parsekian.  Parkesian and Deputy District Attorney Almada received equal ratings from the LACBA.  The third candidate in the race was rated “not qualified.”

Office 162: David Diamond.  Both Diamond and his opponent Deputy District Attorney Yang received “well qualified” ratings from the LACBA and either would be an excellent choice.

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