How to Apply to be DNC Delegate in Milwaukee, WI

Good Evening Democrats,

Do you want to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, WI? The filing period to apply as a District-Level Delegate to the National Convention is now open. District-Level Delegate applications (Form A) will be accepted until 8:00 PM, March 3, 2020.

3 Types of Delegates: Registered Democrats have 3 ways to become a delegate to the National Convention.

  • District-Level Delegates: Potential candidates for district-level delegates must submit Form A, pledging their support to a presidential candidate, during the filing period of January 6, 2020-March 3, 2020. Caucuses will be held April 19, 2020 in each congressional district (CD), where Democrats registered in the CD will be able to vote to slate delegates.
  • At-Large Delegates: At-large delegates are selected from a statewide pool and offer another way for Democrats to participate in the National Convention. Potential candidates for at-large delegate must submit Form B, pledging their support to a presidential candidate, within the filing period of February 7, 2020-April 21, 2020
  • PLEO: Party Leaders and Elected Officials (PLEO) are Democrats from one of the following categories: big-city mayors and statewide elected officials; state legislative leaders and state legislators; other state county and local elected officials; and California Democratic Party leaders. PLEO candidates must submit Form C, pledging their support to a presidential candidate, during the filing period of February 7, 2020-April 21, 2020. Selection of PLEO delegates will be confirmed at the May 17, 2020 Statewide Delegation Meeting.

5 Simple Steps to Become a District-Level Delegate

  1. Register: Make sure you are a registered Democrat
  2. Check Your District: Determine the congressional district where you are registered
  3. File: Submit Form A during the filing period from January 6-March 3 CLICK HERE TO APPLY
  4. Canvass: Start organizing your friends and supporters
  5. Caucus: Show up with your supporters to vote in the April 19 caucus in your district

Register: You must be a registered Democrat to file. Although California Democrats allow Decline-to-State voters to participate in our presidential primary election, only registered Democrats are eligible to become delegates to the national convention. You can verify your registration online here.

Check Your District: You will need to determine the congressional district (CD) where you are registered. If you aren’t sure which district you are in, go here, enter your postal zip code at the top right-hand corner of the website, and it will give you your Congressional District as well as the Representative for your district.

File: APPLY HERE. You may fill out Form A online or request a paper application from California Democratic Party Staff. When filing Form A, you must pledge your support for one presidential candidate. However, should your chosen candidate drop out of the presidential race prior to the Form A filing deadline of March 3, 2020 at 8:00 pm, you have the option to re-file Form A and pledge your support to one of the remaining candidates (sort of like having a “Plan B” for your Form A).

Canvass: Start canvassing your community…your gym, work, local clubs, friends, relatives, Facebook friends you never talk to anymore — any registered Democrat who lives in your same congressional district who can attend the district caucus, support your presidential candidate, and vote for you. They can even register as a Democrat on-site — that’s how easy we make it!

Caucus: You and your supporters will need to attend your presidential candidate’s caucus on Sunday, April 19, 2020. Remember, people can arrive early, sign in, and cast a vote — they don’t have to stick around to hear the speeches. Caucus times and locations will be posted at when available.

Candidates will be slated by caucus vote totals, though the final results will not be made public until the results are certified by the State Party. Once the primary results are in, the presidential campaign committee and the CDP will notify and confirm all the winners in each district based on how many delegates each presidential candidate is allocated by primary vote totals.

These elected delegates will join the California Delegation at the mandatory May 17 Statewide Delegation Meeting in Sacramento, California and the Democratic National Convention (July 13-16) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Review the California Democratic Party’s Delegate Selection Plan Online HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or by phone at 916-442-5707.

Good Luck!

CDP Team

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