Full List of CA Democratic Party Delegates Candidates

Tony Salvaggio
Ben Tarzynski
Bill Reynolds
David Hannum
Deleon Secrest
Dennis Kane
Doug Bender
Jimmy Gow
Mark E. Henderson
Michael Detoy
Peter E. Aziz
Reggie Jue
Robert Dhondrup
Timothy Beyer
Tony Hale (E Board)
Wayne Mogilefsky
Liz Harsch (E Board)
Amy Howorth
Angelica Scherp
Argentina Rodriguez
Cathy Familathe
Diane Wallace
Donna Tarr
Katharine Nyhus
Kerry Jacob
Lori Ketkar
Maggie Bove-LaMonica
RG Wong (E Board)
Sara H Deen DDS
Susan Goodlerner MD
Tara Owen

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