2018 Primary Election Endorsements

In case you didn’t get our emails (if not, try signing up to our email list on the home page), here’s the party endorsements.  Please note that, per our by-laws, the PV Democrats does not endorse in any race:

Below are the endorsements from LACDP for other offices.  Elected and appointed members of CADEM vote endorsements for statewide offices and the LACDP County Committee votes for local offices/issues, and in order to get the party’s nod a 60% threshold must be met. Even if a candidate has a majority of the votes, if the 60% threshold isn’t met, then there is no consensus listed for that seat.

US Senate:  No consensus
Governor:  No consensus
Lt Governor:  No consensus
Attorney General:  No consensus
State Controller:  Betty Yee
Insurance Commissioner:  Ricardo Lara
Secretary of State:  Alex Padilla
Superintendent of Public Instruction:  Tony Thurmond
State Treasurer: Fiona Ma
State Board of Equalization:  No consensus

Statewide Ballot Measures:
Proposition 68: Yes
Proposition 69: Yes
Proposition 70: No
Proposition 71: Yes
Proposition 72: Yes
US Congress:
CD 33: Ted Lieu
CD 44: Nanette Baragan

State Senate:  SD 26: Ben Allen
State Assembly:  AD 66:  Al Muratsuchi
LA County Sheriff:  Alex Villanueva
LA County Assessor:  Jeffrey Prang

Local Issues:
RHE Measure A : Yes
Manhattan Beach USD Measure B:  Yes
Office 4 Veronica Sauceda
Office 16 Patricia “Patti” Hunter
Office 20 Wendy Segall
Office 60 Tony J. Cho
Office 63 No Consensus
Office 67 Hon. Maria Lucy Armendariz
Office 71 No Endorsement
Office 113 Javier Perez
Office 118 David D. Diamond
Office 126 Rene Caldwell Gilbertson
Office 146 Hon. Armando Duron
Note: At last month’s PV Democrats meeting, PV Dems member Judge Tom Long provided his perspective on these candidates.  To see his recommendations, please see the report in this month’s newsletter by clicking here.

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