RESISTBOT ( is a free service–no downloads, no apps to install– that takes your text message and turns it into a physical fax delivered to your elected officials (Senators, Reps, Governor and President for now).  It is incredibly simple to use.  I can have you up and running in under 5 minutes and we are going to do that now.

Step one:  On your mobile phone, text the word Resist to 50409.

Step two:  Follow the prompts:  

  • It will ask you for your first and last names so that it can properly put your name at the bottom of the letters it will send.  
  • It will ask for your street address and zip code so that it can properly add your return address to the letters it will send.
  • It will tell you who your Representative, Senators and Governor are.
  • It will tell you that when you are using the service you can type:
    • Senate — to send message just to your Senators
    • House — to send message just to your Rep
    • Congress- to send messages to both
    • President
    • Governor
  • Don’t worry about remembering all of the commands, the system walks you through the process every time you use it.  All you need to remember is text the word Resist to 50409 every time you want to start.  Which leads us to….

Step 3: Text “Resist” to 50409 and we are going to send our first message.

Step 4: Pick who you want to send it to.  In this case we are going to fax Senators Feinstein and Harris about the GOP Tax Scam, so type “Senate”.  It will ask which Senator, type “Both”.  As you use the system more, you can specify “Senior” or “Junior” to target messages to a single Senator.

Step 5:  Enter your message.  You can make it as long as you like. The system will treat it all as one message, until  you send “Done” on its own.  So type the following message (or make up your own).  

I am writing today to ask you to stand firmly against the GOP #Tax Scam.  We need a tax bill that supports working Americans, not one that takes healthcare away from 13 million in order to fund tax breaks for millionaires.  Thank you for your time.  (DON’T ADD YOUR NAME, the system does that automatically)

Hit Send, then type “Done” and hit send again.  

Step 6:  You are almost done.  It will summarize your message.  To send it, type “Send” and you are done.  You can also “preview” or “add” to the message.  (Note, you can not edit the message.  If there is an error, you type “clear” and start over —  I suggest cutting and pasting the original to make corrections)

Step 7:  The system will give you previews of the faxes.  It will also send you confirmations when the faxes have actually been delivered.

The more you use RESISTBOT, the more options it will give you.  It can send actual letters through the mail, you can upload an actual signature, etc.   

Now that you are set up, you can literally send messages to all three of your representative in DC in a few minutes.  You can do it every, single day!

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