Easy Everyday Activism

Your physician says you should be active every day.  I think that means more than just exercise. I think it means flexing your political muscle every day.  This guide is meant to show you 3 ways you can be politically active in as little as 3 minutes a day.  Even these small actions can have a big effect on our Democracy if everyone participates consistently.  Two of these tools are new, high-tech, highly efficient ways to reach out to our elected officials.  The last is a decidedly low-tech way of reaching out directly to voters.

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  1. RESISTBOT is a free service–no downloads, no apps to install– that takes your text message and turns it into a physical fax delivered to your elected officials (Senators, Reps, Governor and President for now).
  2. Stance allows you to record a voice message anytime you want.  It saves it and sends it directly into the voicemail of your Representative or your Senators in the middle of the night.
  3. Postcards to Voters is a program that gives you addresses to registered Democrats and Independents in districts where there are upcoming elections.

Ok, now you have new tools with which to make your voice heard in Washington, but what do you want to focus on.  Obviously you only need open the newspaper to come up with 100 daily outrages, which makes it challenging to focus and honestly often leads me to paralysis.  Here are two places I focus to get easily digestible actions to guide me through my week of Everyday Activism.

The Indivisible Guide

Americans With Conscience Checklist

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