Do You Support Renaming “Rodeo Road” to “Obama Boulevard?”

My name is Caolinn Mejza, and I am emailing on behalf of Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson. Council President Wesson recently introduced a motion to rename “Rodeo Road” to “Obama Boulevard”, and we wanted to reach out to Palos Verdes Democrats to help gather support for this historic renaming.
In 2007 then-Senator Obama held his first L.A. campaign rally at Rancho Cienega Park on Rodeo Road where he was joined by thousands of excited Angelenos. The area is also home to Washington Blvd., Jefferson Blvd. and Adams Blvd., and soon Obama Blvd. will join this “President’s Row”. This renaming will celebrate President Obama’s career of public service at the state and federal levels of government, as well as his years as an educator and community organizer.
We have started a petition on our website where supporters can sign their names and submit comments. We hope you will pass it along to your club and anyone you know who will be enthusiastic about “Obama Boulevard”. We have received tremendous amount of support in the last few weeks but want to make sure every Angeleno who has been inspired by President Obama knows about this. Together we are going to make “Obama Boulevard” a fixed landmark in Los Angeles, where it will inspire Angelenos for generations to come.
Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or to discuss. Feel free to shoot me an email at or give our office a call at 213-473-7010.
Thank you!



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