NextGen Climate is Morphing into NextGen America

After the election, we asked what matters most to you. And we heard you loud and clear.

We’re stepping up the fight to protect our environment, strengthen our democracy, and build an economy that prioritizes prosperity for all of us — not just the privileged few. As we enter this critical new phase in the fight for our shared values and stand up to Donald Trump, NextGen Climate is relaunching as NextGen America.

Climate change remains at the core of NextGen America’s mission, but in the face of the current administration’s relentless onslaught against core American values, we won’t shy away from other important fights. The same values that drive our work on climate — equity, inclusion, and a shared and sustainable prosperity — are under increased and unprecedented attack.

Now more than ever, we must join together and take action.

Watch our video to learn more about our broader vision and how we plan to stand up for our values.

When the Trump administration attacks immigrant communities, threatens to take away our health care, works to roll back voting rights, or allows corporate polluters to poison our air and water, we must step up and fight back.

NextGen America is working with a broad network of progressive allies to stand up to entrenched corporate interests and champion a healthier, more prosperous future for us all — and we will help the American people raise their voices to protect our democracy and fight for what matters most.

We’re not backing down — we’re getting bigger and bolder.

Thank you,

Tom Steyer
NextGen America

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