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With all the talk about boycotting companies that carry Trump products, here’s a company that is worth supporting.  This company sends emails out to subscribers, and has, in the previously made strong statements supporting democratic values.


Just a reminder that the $5.95 free Penzeys Salsa & Pico Seasoning with any $5 purchase ends Sunday. And when you add in a free half-cup of Garlic Salt or quarter-cupGranulated Garlic with only a $2 purchase, this is a pretty good weekend to make it into one of our stores or visit us online. In our stores, just show this email or the coupons below and spend $7. Online at, just spend at least $2 and then enter21858C for the Garlic Salt or 44439C for the Granulated Garlic in the apply code box while checking out. Shipping charges will apply, but regular shipping is always free with just $30 spending. Or, spend $5 and enter 16755C for the Salsa & Pico offer. Spend $7 and both offers work.

Today also marks the six-month anniversary of the Women’s March. Before that day, first the Republican Party, then the Democratic Party and the national media as well, all tried without success to make the people see the dangers this new administration held. That January day in our nation’s capital and in communities across the country, the Women’s Marchers, through their kindness, determination, and sheer numbers made clear not only what we were facing, but what real American values look like. That day eyes opened—making a much more positive future possible.

From our experience six years earlier here in Wisconsin, so much of the damage was done in those first few months when the sense of momentum overwhelmed so many sidelined by sadness over the turn our state had appeared to take. This January, the juxtaposition of the strength of the Women’s March alongside the timidness of the previous day’s inauguration evaporated any sense of momentum. The importance of this to all that has happened since cannot be overstated. Ending that momentum is the biggest reason today more than 20 million Americans still have a future with heathcare insurance. The Women’s Marchers made this possible. The Women’s Marchers should be proud.

In January we were lucky to be sitting on a good supply of our pins from the Kind Heart boxes. Those pins clearly fit the spirit at the heart of the Women’s March, because what started as a simple request from a customer grew rapidly into something so much more. From your letters and emails I know your Kind Heart March pins ended up on nurses’ badges, government workers’ sweaters, and students’ backpacks across America. From your letters I also know some of these pins have been lost.

I think it’s better to have your Kind Heart out in the world than tucked away in a safe place. So in honor of the difference the Women’s March made, on this its six-month anniversary, we’ve decided to add a lifetime guarantee to the Women’s March Kind Heart pin offer. If yours ever does go missing, call us at 1-800-741-7787 during the regular call center hours. Or drop into one of our stores. We will make sure to get you a replacement pin that very much continues the goodness you first pin was a part of. Your Kind Heart pin is a pin for life; as long as we remain in business, as long as these pins can be made, we will do our best to make sure your pin will never disappear from your life.

At this point we’re thinking pretty much all those who took part in the Women’s March and wanted a pin have already requested one. But for this, the six-month anniversary we’ve turned the pin request page back on — for the next few days anyways. If you Marched and don’t have a pin, here’s your chance. Just click here link to get to the request form.

And if you know of someone who Marched and may have lost their pin, please let them know of our now lifetime guarantee. And please thank them. At a time when so many were sidelined with sadness for our country’s future, that they had the strength to get out there to be seen and heard on that January Day made all the difference. They are just the heroes we needed.

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And if you Marched and want to share your thoughts, the comments section on our current Facebook post is a pretty great spot to be right now.

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