Sign Petition to Prevent the Regulatory Accountability Act from Blocking Protections

Tell your Senators: Stop the GOP from handing our health and safety over to corporate special interests.

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Our movement is resisting the Republican power grab and has gathered over 370,000 signatures for our petition, but we need your continued activism in order to achieve our 400,000 signature goal.

Republicans in Congress are putting Americans’ lives at risk in order to reward the corporate interests that fund their campaigns. We need your help to fight back.

Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican House members have already passed a dangerous bill to help Trump further his plan to put corporate profits ahead of the American people — and now this legislation is headed to the Senate. If passed, this bill would endanger vital health protections and product safety standards, which could result in thousands of premature deaths in the United States.

Sign the petition: Tell the Senate to vote NO on the so-called “Regulatory Accountability Act.

TTell your Senators: Stop the GOP Power Grab

If passed, this bill could create long-term damage. 

The so-called “Regulatory Accountability” Act would make it harder for agencies to issue critical protections Americans rely on for their health and safety: rules to protect our air and water from corporate polluters, workplace safety requirements, and more.

This bill would serve corporate special interests at the expense of our health and safety. Act now to stop this shameful power grab.

We know that we’re most powerful when we fight together. That’s why we’ve teamed up with organizations like the Daily Kos, AFSCME, and NRDC Action for this campaign. We hope you’ll join us in taking action.


Ben Wessel
Deputy Political Director
NextGen Climate

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