NARAL Seeking Donations in Mike Pence’s Name

Over 1,000 NARAL Pro-Choice America members donated a grand total of $30,000 in Mike Pence’s name to fight for abortion rights in response to the email below. But we’re not finished–not even close.
In fact, today is Mike Pence’s birthday, and we’re aiming to raise another $30,000 in his name as a special birthday gift from pro-choice America to Vice President Pence.
Thank you,
Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote putting Title X funding at risk for clinics that provide millions of women with reproductive health care. Will donate $15 in Mike Pence’s name to help fight back?
On March 30, Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote to pass a bill that puts family planning access at risk for 4 million low income women across the country.
And now, because of Mike Pence, anti-choice politicians are emboldened to try to block clinics that provide birth control and abortion services from receiving Title X funding.
We’re fighting to stop these attacks—and now you can make a donation in Mike Pence’s name to help save access to contraception for millions of poor women.
Title X is the only source of federal funds solely dedicated to family planning health care. Planned Parenthood and its affiliates use nearly $60 million a year from this provision to help women receive birth control, Pap smears, and other essential services.1
President Obama created a provision in Title X protecting that money in states like Arkansas, which bars federal funding from going to family planning clinics that also perform abortions. Obama’s rule kept states’ hands off of the money from Title X to women needing health care.2
And before Vice President Pence showed up to break the tie, Senate Republicans were on the verge of losing their effort to roll back these protections. With Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins voting against the bill, it was a 50-50 tie, one vote short of passage.
Then, Vice President Mike Pence cast the tie-breaking vote to pass the bill—putting access to contraception at risk for millions of poor women.
Now the fight moves to the states, and there’s no better way to stand up to defend the Title X family planning program than to make a donation to NARAL in Mike Pence’s name.
Thank you for helping to make reproductive freedom real for all women.

Ilyse Hogue
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America


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