House Passes TrumpCare

Lieu for Congress

House Republicans passed the disaster known as TrumpCare; hurting senior citizens, women, veterans and anyone with a pre-existing condition. Are you angry that if TrumpCare is signed into law over 150 million people will have their premiums increased and 24 million fewer people will have coverage?

We must turn anger into action. We can fight back. Can you make a contribution of $1000, $100 or $10 to help me take back the House?

If you have a pre-existing condition–such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease–TrumpCare lets insurers increase your premiums by a massive amount. If you are a senior between 51 and 64, TrumpCare authorizes insurers to charge you five times more. And for everyone else, your premiums will increase according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

This is insane. Can you give $1000, $100 or $10 to help stop the insanity?

Together we can stop the harm to the American people and take our country back. But only if we turn anger into action.

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