LA County Democratic Party Suggestions on What to Do Instead of Watching Inauguration

Donald Trump’s impending inauguration brings with it fear, anger and frustration for the majority of Americans – more of whom voted for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee than for Trump.
With more than twenty million at risk of losing their healthcare, tens-of-thousands of Muslims at risk of being put on a ‘registry,’ Planned Parenthood about to be defunded, and the United States at risk of losing its standing in the world as a respected and trusted nation and world leader, it’s no wonder that so many are looking for ways to distract themselves from the unimaginable nightmare that is the inauguration of our country’s 45th President.
We felt it would be helpful to offer some friendly suggestions for better ways to spend a few hours this Friday morning than witnessing the slow unraveling of the American democracy.
Below you will find 7 things anyone can do that would bring more joy and meaning to their life than watching Donald Trump’s inauguration.
  1. Enjoy the Outdoors

    Go outside. Feel the sun against your skin. Not just because it’s a great feeling, but because it might be the last chance to do so before our environment is completely wrecked by the effects of a Secretary of State who has amassed a fortune as the head of an oil corporation and a President who thinks global warming is a hoax created by China.

  2. Go to the Doctor

    Better hurry up and get to the doctor while you still can! Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell are putting the finishing touches on their repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and with it ending healthcare for more than 20 million people. Without a comprehensive plan in place ready to deal with the effects on Medicaid (Medi-Cal), even those who have private insurance will likely see their premiums soar.

  3. Make Your Voice Heard

    No one should remain silent as our rights get taken away. Click here to find a list of protests and events to join over the inaugural weekend to make your dissatisfaction with the incoming administration heard loud and clear.  Then keep up with recent news and events through your local Democratic Party by liking LACDP on Facebook at /LADemocrats and following us on Twitter @LADemocrats.

  4. Read a Book

    We hope that this image doesn’t frighten any schoolchildren. But now might be a good time to catch-up on this classic children’s book as our new Education Secretary seems to think that our nation’s collective fear of grizzlies is a more pressing issue than the dangerous prospects of allowing guns on school property.

  5. Take Your Dog for a Walk

    This has nothing to do with the election, but we feel compelled to remind you to walk your dog today.

  6. Stock Up On Drinking Water

    Only for those who can afford it: stock up on fresh water at your nearest market.  With the incoming head of the Environmental Protection Agency currently being sued by that very agency, we wouldn’t count on any strict regulations in place to ensure the quality of our water supply and protect against the disastrous effects of fracking and pollution.

  7. Join the Fight

    The real battle begins after the inauguration. We need your help to push back against the racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, and outright disastrous policies we expect to come hurtling our way over the next four years. Please sign-up at to get involved in the fight and make sure that everyone you know is registered to vote so they can be a part of the progressive uprising we must mobilize in the 2018 and 2020 elections.


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