Final List of Elected Delegates to the CA Democratic State Convention for the 66th AD

The 66th Assembly District State Delegate Election Meeting was held on Saturday, 1/7/2017 at the Torrance Airport. A large turnout was anticipated, and, in spite of threatening weather, a large number of Democrats showed up and voted. Each voter was allowed to select 14 candidates, and the top 7 male and top 7 female candidates were named winners.

The final results are as follows:

Female Delegates Male Delegates
Audrey Wong Tony Hale
Margie Hoyt Brian Carolus
Stephanie Solomon Brian Hitchcock
Barbara Epstein Jimmy Gow
Margaret Bove Sam Liu
Catherine Familathe Mark Harrison
Amy Howorth Jeffrey Duclos


  1. The system our state Democratic party has for choosing delegates is as follows: about a third are elected at caucuses in state assembly districts, another third are appointed by elected officials, and the final third are elected through county party organizations. Most of the appointed and county party elected delegates have decades of party work under their belts, and they are one of the big reasons our own AD isn’t headed up by a Tea Party member. There is simply no substitute for the kind of experience and knowledge these delegates bring to the table, and that is likely why the system is designed as it is. Those delegates are the very Democrats you will need to work with to further the causes you feel are important, so I urge you to keep that in mind.
    Brian, as a Bernie supporter I did not vote a straight Progressive ticket in our AD elections….I voted for some with the experience and knowledge I feel is so valuable, but I also did vote for you. Why? Because I do hope you will question the status quo and work towards making this a party that is more responsive to our voters. To do this, you will need to understand and work with those who for years and years have shouldered jobs that ultimately enabled our party to flourish here in California.

  2. The administrator for this site has chosen to not delete the previous comment even though it sought to denigrate the standing of some of our delegates to the State Democratic Convention. Instead, the PV Dems Board of Directors ask that the goal of all Democrats be to further unite the party, rather than creating a schism that would only serve to weaken the party in a time that a strong CADEM is more vital to the country than any time in our history. Furthermore, we believe that our elected representatives who have been selected by the American electorate, have, not only the right, but the duty to help shape the path forward for the party by appointing delegates to the State Convention.

  3. Well, not quite final. There are the ELECTED “winners”, listed above. And then there are the six who ran in the ADEM but were NOT ELECTED by the voters (we’d hate to call them “losers”, let’s just call them “also-rans”) who nevertheless will be joining those of us who did win seats in the ADEM, as part of the AD66 delegation, thanks to the magnanimity of our State Assemblyman, State Senator, Congressman.
    These are the six:

    Anthony Salvaggio* (TL)
    Brandii Grace (AM)
    Dianne Wallace* (BA)
    Jonathan Beutler* (BA)
    Kay Jue (AM)
    Mark Henderson* (AM)
    * “defeated” incumbent
    AN = Al Muratsuchi
    BA = Ben Allen
    TL = Ted Lieu

    That makes a total of 20, but there are actually 40 delegates from the 66th AD. Seven of the remaining 20 are your elected County Democratic Central Committee members:
    Connie Sullivan
    Donald L Dear
    Lorraine Geittmann
    Nichelle M Henderson
    Raymond L Waters
    Roberta “Bobbi” Buescher
    Stacey Ann Michaels

    and the other 13……… aren’t.

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