A Note from the Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party

Yesterday, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party released the following statement regarding the tragic electoral college victory of Donald Trump for President. We need you to continue to fight alongside the Democratic Party as we ensure that the protections and liberties we enjoy here in Los Angeles and in California continue to remain intact for all Angelenos and Californians.

“With the electoral college votes finally cast, we are officially entering the xenophobic, misogynistic, fear mongering era of the Donald Trump Presidency. We in California are lucky to have leaders devoted to working for ALL the people, but we must be part of the effort to ensure that the federal government still works for the people, and NOT just for Donald Trump.
“As I’ve said before, the battle is not over, it has just begun. Standing up to a man like Donald Trump won’t be easy, but it wasn’t easy to win our rights in the first place. Progress is never easy.
“Our state’s legislative leaders have already taken actions to introduce legislation that will protect Californians from Trump’s likely actions. By beginning to build the metaphorical wall around California that I called for after the November election, we can rest a little more easily, and we thank them for their initiative. However, they cannot do it alone.
“It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work, and let the world know that California will never let hate win. We will always be a bastion of freedom and the protector of the real American dream. Stay tuned for ways we can all engage in the struggle against Donald Trump.”
In Democratic Unity,
Eric C. Bauman
Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party
Vice Chair, California Democratic Party

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