If You Favor an Electoral College Revolt, Here’s How to Help

The Founding Fathers intended the Electoral College to stop an unfit man from becoming President. The Constitution they crafted gives us this tool. Conscience demands that we use it.

Electors are pledging to put America first and vote for a qualified Republican alternative who can unify our country.  These brave Electors need our support.

HamiltonElectors is a group founded by several members of the Electoral College dedicated to support Hamilton’s vision that members of the Electoral College should be free to vote their conscience for the good of America. We believe that Hamilton had somebody very much like Donald Trump in mind when he charged Electors in Federalist 68 with safeguarding the office of the presidency.

Countless people have asked us what they can do to help stop Donald Trump. Some have asked whether they should contact Republican Electors directly. This is not the answer. Too much contact can cause resentment. We want Electors of both parties to feel supported in voting for a more qualified Republican alternative to Trump.

But your support is critical! The more the support you help create in your communities and on social media, the more comfortable Republican Electors who want to come forward will feel in doing do. Let’s show them We The People will support their bravery.

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