A Pivotal Moment – How You Can Help

Tonight the world will tune in to the most important moment of the Presidential race to date.  And we all know what they will see: the shocking contrast between the Democratic Party’s vision of America, where we celebrate our differences because we are stronger together, versus the Republican Party’s hateful, misogynistic, xenophobic worldview which is meant to drive us apart in fear.
Tonight Hillary Clinton will prove that she alone on that stage has the fortitude, temperament, experience and strength to lead our great country forward into the future.
But she cannot do it alone. We all play a key role to ensure that our voters show-up in force on Election Day.  We each must reach within ourselves to help carry the Democratic Party across the victory line to elect our progressive candidates all the way down the ticket.
There are three things you can do right now to kick-start our momentum.
1) Join together tonight with fellow Democratic activists at a Debate Watch Party to witness first-hand the clear choice that our country faces.  While you are there, sign-up to volunteer to make phone calls and walk precincts for our Democratic team.
2) Ensure LACDP has the resources to turn-out LA’s more than 2.5 million Democrats by supporting our Roosevelt Dinner. Early Bird ticket pricing ends today, and the deadline to become a sponsor or purchase an ad in the commemorative program journal is coming up quickly, so make your reservations right away atwww.lacdp.org/Roosevelt.
3) Make sure that your friends and family are registered to vote.  California makes it easy to register online.  And please participate in one of tomorrow’s many National Voter Registration Day events.
With the fate of the Supreme Court hanging in the balance, never before have the consequences been so clear.  I hope you will join with me as we push towards victory across California and in important swing states throughout the country.
In Democratic Unity,
Eric C. Bauman
Vice-Chair, California Democratic Party
Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party


  1. Thanks for your comment, Rosanna. We list contact information for our elected representatives on our website–go to the main menu and put your cursor over the “Our Reps.” However, your note reminds our poor webmaster that we need to update the information to reflect the November election results.

  2. Please can you send me the numbers to call senators and congressmen for Southern California, San Pedro, to resist policies pontificated by trump.

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