County Democratic Party Issues Endorsements in Judicial Races–Update!

By Kay Cooperman Jue

Note from the webmaster:  We have updated this post to include the results of the election.  The election results are shown below each of the endorsed candidate.  The good news is that all 4 endorsed candidates received the most votes in their race, although only 1 received more than 50% of the votes, and will not have to face a runoff in November.

For many voters, judicial elections are among the most perplexing portions of the ballot. It can be a challenge to gather information about all the candidates and to determine the appropriate criteria to use when deciding whom to support.

The L.A. County Democratic Party offers a shortcut to voters with its candidate endorsement process. Members of the party’s Judicial Interview Committee send a letter of invitation to all candidates for superior court judge along with a detailed questionnaire. The members then meet with each candidate who is a registered Democrat and who requests endorsement consideration.

The committee presents its endorsement recommendations to the full County Democratic Central Committee, which must take a vote on the recommendations to officially endorse a candidate. A candidate must be approved by 60 percent of those voting to win party endorsement.

Here are the L.A. County Democratic Party’s endorsements in the superior court judicial races appearing on the June 7 ballot:

Office No. 11 — Debra R. Archuleta
Election Results:

Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Debra R. Archuleta 708,650 47.35%
Steven Schreiner 393,017 26.26%
Paul Kim 220,678 14.74%
Jonathan Alexan Malek 174,383 11.65%

Office No. 42 – No endorsement made (unable to reach consensus)

Election Results:

Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Alicia Molina 483,371 32.77%
E. Matthew Aceves 437,662 29.67%
Cyndy Zuzga 402,780 27.30%
Michael P. Ribons 151,411 10.26%

Office No. 60 – No endorsement made (candidates did not seek endorsement)
Election Results:

Candidate(s) Votes Percent
James A. Kaddo 1,052,620 75.72%
Stepan W. Baghdassarian 337,503 24.28%

Office No. 84 — Susan Jung Townsend

Election Results:

Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Susan Jung Townsend 528,180 36.36%
Javier Perez 451,361 31.07%
Hubert S. Yun 258,963 17.83%
Aaron J. Weissman 214,064 14.74%

Office No. 120 — No endorsement made (candidates did not seek endorsement)

Election Results:

Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Ray Santana 1,066,450 77.71%
Eric O. Ibisi 305,916 22.29%

Office No. 158 — Kim L. Nguyen

Election Results:

Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Kim L. Nguyen 511,853 34.29%
David A. Berger 408,909 27.40%
Fred Mesropi 266,765 17.87%
Naser “Nas” Khoury 187,610 12.57%
Onica Valle Cole 117,427 7.87%

Office No. 165 — Kathryn Ann Solorzano

Election Results:

Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Kathryn Ann Solorzano 1,055,646 73.19%
Tami L. Warren 386,617 26.81%


Kay, a member of PV Democrats, is co-chair of the county party’s Judicial Interview Committee.

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