Bill to Allow Public Financing of Campaigns in California Advances

Senate votes TOMORROW (May 31)!

Just last Friday, SB 1107 cleared its final committee, Senate Appropriations, in a strong 5-to-2 vote.  Thank you to more than 5,000 Clean Money supporters like you who signed petitions!

SB 1107 must pass the Senate so Californians can make elected officials accountable to voters not Big Money donors, by allowing the option of voluntary public financing of elections.   More than ever voters need this powerful weapon against the dominance of millionaires and special interests, and it’s time for the antiquated ban on public financing in California to be lifted.

The Senate votes Tuesday — tomorrow! — so we must tell them to vote “Yes” on SB 1107 now!

Sign the petition to email your Senator asking them to vote “Yes”on SB 1107 — even if you’ve signed before!

Authored by Senator Ben Allen and sponsored by California Common Cause and the California Clean Money Campaign, SB 1107 directly addresses Americans’ overwhelming agreement that money has too much political influence.  Public financing of campaigns would allow new candidates with good ideas to run for office without raising money from Big Money special interests.

Unfortunately, in California public financing of campaigns is banned in counties, most cities, and even statewide races due to a 1988 initiative, Proposition 73, that has had virtually all of its other provisions invalidated in federal court.

SB 1107 will amend that ban to allow for public financing of campaigns that are paid for by dedicated campaign finance trust funds.  SB 1107 is also careful to protect the process by prohibiting foreign contributions to candidates, and by requiring officeholders convicted of felonies to forfeit any remaining campaign funds.

The Senate votes Tuesday — tomorrow! — so we must tell them to vote “Yes” on SB 107 now!

Sign the petition to email your Senator asking them to vote “Yes” on SB 1107 — even if you’ve signed before!

Here’s what the petition to your Senator will say:

“Californians are rightly concerned that they don’t have a real voice in elections because their small contributions can’t compete with big money from special interests and millionaires.

That’s why I stand with California Clean Money Campaign and other organizations asking you to vote “Yes” on SB 1107 to lift the ban on voluntary public financing of campaigns.  Local governments and the state deserve the flexibility to explore public financing systems to strengthen the public trust and amplify the voices of everyday Californians.””
Thank you for standing with the California Clean Money Action Fund in the fight for fair elections.  Please stay tuned for more ways you can help pass SB 1107, as well as other ways to fight Big Money in politics, like passing the California DISCLOSE Act.

Together, we will create a democracy that is truly of, by, and for the people.

Trent Lange
President, California Clean Money Action Fund

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