Progress on California Clean Money in Politics

SB 1107 (authored by Senator Ben Allen), the bill to repeal California’s ban on public financing of campaigns, passed its first committee vote 4-1!

SB 1107’s victory came after 4,800 people signed a petition and 21 organizations endorsed it, ranging from Common Cause and the League of Women Voters of California to the California School Employees Association and the American Sustainable Business Council.

Yet that’s not all.  Demand for action to end the dominance of Big Money in politics is so strong that there’s a whole suite of Clean Money-supported bills moving in Sacramento!

Four more important anti Big Money bills also had successful first votes this month:

SB 1349 (Hertzberg) will dramatically increase transparency by modernizing California’s online campaign disclosure system, Cal-Access.  Passed Senate Elections Committee 4-0.

AB 2523 (Mullin) will require candidates in cities and counties without contribution limits to abide by the same limits as state legislative campaigns ($4,200) — putting an end to outrageous contributions of $90,000 or more.  Passed Assembly Elections Committee 5-2.

AB 1828 (Dodd) will close loopholes in conflict of interest rules for the powerful Board of Equalization which handles disputes between taxpayers and the FTB.  Passed Assembly Elections Committee 4-3.

SB 976 (Vidak) will stop the obscenity of legislators quitting in the middle of the term and quickly taking high-paying jobs as lobbyists.  Passed Senate Elections Committee 5-0.

There’s also SB 254 (Allen) the Overturn Citizens United Act, which will have its first committee vote next week!


For more information about clean money in California politics, visit the website.

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