Guns and Kids

Child Gun ViolenceFrank Strier is a local Democrat.  His most recent book is on child gun violence, entitled: Guns & Kids: Can we survive the carnage. It discusses the massive breadth of the problem (10,000 kids shot annually; 3,000 fatally) and offers a wide variety of remedies to at least ameliorate this daunting problem.

Here is the synopsis and contact information:

Guns & Kids: Can we Survive the Carnage?

This eBook explores the relationship between guns and kids. And it reveals disturbing facts. For example, the firearm fatality rate in the U.S. among children under 15 years old is nearly twelve times higher than in 25 other industrialized countries—combined. Over 75% of these killings are unintentional. Fatalities are not the only gunshot-related consequences that befall American youth. More than 20,000 children go to emergency rooms with gun injures every year. Statistical data, however startling, cannot adequately convey the experience of child gun violence. Many of the kids who are suffering and dying from gunshot wounds are innocent, with no idea of what has happened to them. Those surviving are often emotionally damaged—permanently. Wounds that never heal. Kindle Version.


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  1. It is our responsibility to ask those running for office what their position (and their record!) is on assault weapon availability and background checks and find out if they have had backing from the NRA.

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