An Interesting Letter to the Editor in the LA Times, 3/5/16

An interesting letter to the editor in the March 5, 2016 LA Times

Dear America

Re “Trump: Unfit to be president,” editorial, March 3  

MY AMERICAN FRIENDS, YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU. I have been welcomed by you so many times. However, I am afraid — for the future of America and the world. Each time you go to the polls, I watch carefully, because what you do and whom you choose to lead your country have an enormous impact on us all. Will this period in American and world history be marked by hatred and fear, or will you seek better lives for the people who struggle?  

I have been through two wars with you — literally. I have been to Iraq and Afghanistan. Now is the time to help, to prevent people in many areas from becoming terrorists. The hatred and separation advocated by Donald Trump will not provide the healing that the world needs.

The world needs an American president with a good heart, someone who will pursue peace and take care of the many, many Americans who struggle. I wish that many of you could live with less fear and with more abundance, so you wouldn’t be frightened into voting for a man like Trump. On the other side, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) talks about democratic socialism, which scares many of my American brothers and sisters. But think about it: Would you feel better if you knew that even though you were a single self-employed mother, you would never lose the ability to feed your children, and you would have access to free day care for your child so you could work during the day? That is what I have in Denmark.

I hope Americans vote for safety for all, for not being afraid, for working together. I really love America, and I wish you all the best.

SISSE DALL, Copenhagen, Denmark

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