Ordering Box Lunch For PV Democrats Picnic

You are welcome to bring your own picnic. The PV Democrats Board will provide water and soda; you are welcome to bring your own wine or beer. If you prefer to order a boxed meal, we will make a run to pick up meals from Marie Callender’s and deliver to the picnic site. But, due to restrictions on the club, we cannot provide the food directly, so you will need to order directly from Marie Callender’s using the following instructions:

  1. Go to the Marie Callender’s website by clicking here

  2. On the screen in the gray box you need indicate a time that we will pick up the lunches. Enter both the date (July 21) and the time (3:00 pm).

  3. Once you put in the date and time, and hit Continue, at the top left of the next screen in bold with three lines to the side it says Menu Selections – click on that. 

  4. On screen that comes up, you’ll need to scroll down to the last section that has a black background, labelled Party Platters, and click on the fourth from the bottom of that black box that says Big, Boxed Lunches.  

  5. The next screen comes up slowly, and although there are two choices, there really are more. 

    • If you choose Turkey croissant, a gray box will come up that has “Special notes” at the bottom. First, type in PV DEMS, and then put in either apple or peach pie (those are our only pie choices with this big order), and then if you wish to have a choice other than turkey, you can type in “change from turkey to ham” or  “change from turkey to tuna”.  All of those come on croissants.

    • If you choose the other choice (roast beef on a baguette), under “Special notes” first type in PV DEMS, and then give your choice of pie (apple or peach).  Beef is the only protein that comes on a baguette. Although you can specify “no tomatoes” or something else to delete, there are no other choices for boxed lunches.

    • If you see any notation requiring a minimum purchase, please ignore it!

  6. Once you are done with all your orders, hit the Checkout button on the right.  On the next screen choose Checkout as Guest.  On the next screen put your name, etc (so we have your name on the order), and hit Checkout again. Now on the middle of the screen choose Place Order (on that screen, it asks if you want to pay with a new credit card, but that is the only choice when checking out as a guest).  On this next screen is where you put in your credit card info, etc.  Once you hit Make Payment, your order is in.

  7. Marie Callender’s will prepare your meal on the day of the picnic. We will pick up all the lunches and bring them to St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church on the afternoon of the picnic, where you can pick them up after checking in.