PV Dems Outreach Activities

On June 8 through 9, the Palos Verdes Chamber of Commerce sponsored a street fair.  As has been our custom, the PV Democrats hosted a table to spread the word about our club and the dangers facing the country.  The booth was staffed by volunteers from your Board of Directors.

We spoke to a number of passing fair-goers, mostly Democrats (many of whom were not familiar with our club), a few non-Democrats, and a several people that were so far extreme right as to be unreachable.

Oddly, one of our more interesting conversations was at the table hosted by the Palos Verdes San Pedro Republican Assembly, a club that was dormant for a while but was now being resuscitated.  You can check out their website here.  Their website starts out with the quote:

“The Conscience of the Republican Party” ​– President Ronald Reagan

Of course, Reagan would be appalled at the current Republican Party’s movement against democracy, and outraged at their obstruction of funds to Ukraine for their fight with Russia.  Their next meeting features Nils Nehrenheim, Redondo Beach city councilmember.


As is also our custom when we table, we posed a poll asking for people to vote for their highest priority concerns.  It is interesting to contrast this year’s poll with the one we conducted on July 4, 2022:


June 8-9, 2024 PV Street Fair

July 4, 2022 RPV Celebration

Note:  Check marks in blue we votes cast by Democrats,  red marks were made by Republicans, and purple marks were by Decline to State voters.

Clearly, the poll taken in 2022 just weeks after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade was highly skewed towards women’s rights and against the Supreme Court.  Fortunately for Democrats, 2 years later, that issue is still on people’s minds and will hopefully drive voters to vote.  This year’s poll was taken in the midst of a Trump presidential campaign, and concern about him and democracy remain high.  One note of interest, a visitor to our booth was a woman Oklahoma State Senator, who noted that women’s rights and books in schools were especially significant issues in Oklahoma.  It’s good to remind ourselves that we live in a relative island of rationality.

Rancho Palos Verdes 4th of July Celebration

On the 4th of July, club volunteers staffed another booth at the Rancho Palos Verdes 4th of July celebration at the RPV Civic Center.  Once again, we were situated near the Republican Club booth, but it appeared that we managed more traffic than they.  Like the other booths, we hosted a poll of key issues and received votes shown in this photo.  Oddly, women’s rights, which rated highly in our poll only last month, was a distant second to concerns about our democracy.

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