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Petition:  Recently there’s been an explosion of political text messages.  Hundreds of millions were sent nationwide in the 2018 election alone, and there will be a lot more next year.

AB 201 Text Message DISCLOSE Act passed. Now the Governor must sign!
— End Secret Money text messages

Big grassroots victory; only one step to go!  AB 201, the Text Message DISCLOSE Act, which requires political text messages to disclose who’s behind them, passed its final vote 72-1!

AB 201 matters because in 2018 hundreds of millions of political text messages flooded voters nationwide but, unlike other political ads in California, they’re not required to disclose their source or funders — yet!

AB 201 still faces powerful opposition so we must show the Governor how many voters want to stop Secret Money political text messages.

SIGN the NEW petition urging Governor Newsom to sign AB 201, the Text Message DISCLOSE Act!  Voters must see who’s behind unsolicited political texts!

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Soon you could see who’s sending & paying for unsolicited political text messages.  Is it a candidate, political party, or a PAC; a paid worker or a volunteer?  Right now, who knows?

AB 201, the Text Message DISCLOSE Act, authored by Assemblymembers Sabrina Cervantes and Kevin Mullin and sponsored by the California Clean Money Campaign, requires text messages paid for by candidates to “stand by their ad” by listing their name and the office they’re running for.  Texts from other committees must include the committee name or a URL to a disclosure website.  Most important, texts by paid texters must go further and list their top contributor of $50,000 or more, like almost all other political ads in California.

A broad coalition of state & national good government and activist groups supports AB 201 and closing this gaping loophole, but opponents want Governor Newsom to veto it.

PLEASE SIGN the NEW petition urging the Governor to sign AB 201, Text Message DISCLOSE Act!  Political text message ads must list their source & top funder like other political ads!

Our petition asks the Governor to sign AB 201.  Here’s part of it:

Recently there’s been an explosion of political text messages.  Hundreds of millions were sent nationwide in the 2018 election alone, and there will be a lot more next year.  It’s wrong to allow any kind of political ad to hide who paid for it.

Thank you for standing with the California Clean Money Action Fund.  Please stay tuned for more ways you can help AB 201, the Text Message DISCLOSE Act, become the law in California and lead the rest of the nation!

Together, we will create a democracy that is truly of, by, and for the people.

Trent Lange
President and Executive Director, California Clean Money Action Fund

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